Environmental Impact Assessment Report

Volume I Non-Technical Summary

Volume 1 Non-Technical Summary

Volume II Main EIAR

Chapter 1_Introduction

Chapter 2_Need for the Development and Alternatives Considered

Chapter 3_Desc. of the Proposed Development 

Chapter 4_Policy

Chapter 5_EIA, Scoping Consultation & Key Issues

Chapter 6 – Air & Climate

Chapter 7 – Noise & Vibration

Chapter 8_Biodiversity

Chapter 9 – Land, Soils & Geology

Chapter 10 – Hydrology & Water Quality

Chapter 11_Population, Human Health and Material Assets

Chapter 12_Shadow Flicker

Chapter 13_Traffic & Transportation

Chapter 14 – Archaeology Architecture & Cultural Heritage

Chapter 15 – Landscape & Visual Impact Assessment

Chapter 16 _Telecommunications and Aviation

Chapter 17 – Interactions of the Foregoing

Volume III Appendices to Main EIAR

Appendix 1_Introduction_CV’s & Projects

Appendix 3_Description of Proposed Development

Appendix 5_Scoping, Consultation & key Issues

Appendix 6_Air and Climate 

Appendix 7_Noise

Appendix 8_ Biodiversity

Appendix 9_Land, Soils and Geology

Appendix 10_Hydrology and Water Quality

Appendix 12_Shadow Flicker

Appendix 13_Traffic & Transportation

Appendix 14_Archaeology Architectural and Cultural Heritage

Appendix 15_Landscape & Visual Impact

Appendix 16_Telecommunications and Aviation

Volume IV Photomontages

Coom Photomontages Book 1

Coom Photomontages Book 2

Natura Impact Statement

Natura Impact Statement